Instructions on booth preparation: 

Construction contractors and companies that are engaged in building booths are required to study and adhere to the special terms and conditions of booth layout design and payment of relevant charges (3 Euro per square meter):


  • Making confined space with limited vision as a pantry, storage room, negotiating room and any other purpose shall be prohibited.
  • After taking over the booth, the exhibitor shall be expected to measure its area. Any claim regarding the size of allocated booths shall be investigated only on the first day of the exhibition after which such claims are rejected.
  • Booth layout design, interior decoration and cleaning the stand during the exhibition shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • For every 12 square meters of booth, the exhibitor shall be allowed to use 600 watts lighting and sockets. Usage over this limit requires written approval and payment of surplus electricity charges and tariffs. Moreover, the use of any conventional type of lamps and lighting without protection shall be prohibited.
  • For booths that exceed the maximum standard height (3 m), the exhibitor shall be obliged to introduce the stall designer in advance and produce executive maps at least 20 days prior to the exhibition to obtain the permission for their booth design map from Barsaz Rooydad Pars Co.
  • All exhibitors intending to construct their booths shall be required to make a “Deposit” amounting 10 Euros per square of booths to Barsaz Rooydad Pars Co. and delivered it to the financial department. The receipt shall be submitted to the exhibition executives. The Deposit shall be preserved as a trust by the company until move-out is thoroughly completed. If, under any circumstances, the stall construction operations exceed the timetable, the company shall be entitled to withdraw 125 Euros with exhibitors disclaiming any right of objection.
  • Obviously, if the booth preparation is completed in due time in compliance with all relevant rules without causing any damage during the move-in, exhibition and move-out, the said check shall be returned to the exhibitor. Otherwise, booth construction operations shall be prohibited and any infringement shall be penalized by shutting down the said booth.
  • If the height of a booth exceeds its adjacent stalls, it shall be essential to cover the protruding structure especially chipboard, wood and steel grid with proper painting or decoration to avoid any overshadowing of adjacent stalls. Meanwhile, placing any advertisement including the name of the company on the back of the structure overlooking the adjacent booth shall be banned.
  • Open, semi-open and unfinished sections of the booth shall be covered.
  • Painting with pain sprayer or any other device that spread paint powders in the space shall be prohibited. Any violator of this rule shall be penalized by shutting down the stall.
  • If exhibitors intend to build the floor using building materials such as sand, gravel, cement and plaster panels, arrangements shall be made prior to the construction so that pertinent terms and regulation are observed. For example, the floor must be resistant to the dripping of oil and similar materials using a protective plastic substrate.
  • Exhibitors stand builders are obliged to cooperate with exhibition authorities and any violation of the rules shall result in the closure of the booth following a written notice. In these cases, deposits received from the exhibitor will not be refunded.
  • The deadline of booth layout design are stipulated in Table (1-1) and the exhibitors are required to prepare their booth prior to this date. The exhibition bears no responsibility and any delay in booth preparation and sustaining construction process after said date shall be subject to the payment of fines including the amounts stipulated in paragraph 4-6.
  • Since the gates of the exhibition halls are opened round the clock for the move-in and arrangement before the official opening of the exhibition, exhibitors are required to have a full- time representative at the booth. Product owners are directly responsible for protection of goods and equipment against theft or damage.
  • For outdoor booths, exhibitors are obliged to preserve green space and avoid any damage to exhibition space.




Exhibition days:


  • Display or  delivery  of  goods  that  are  conflicting  or  contrary  to  Islamic  rules  shall  be prohibited.
  • Full compliance with the rules and regulations governing the exhibition, including the use of ID cards, attendance in the exhibition during opening hours, delivery time and stands discharge shall be necessary.
  • Products or services offered at the stand should be pertained to the theme of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor shall not display products or publish promotions that infringe rights of registered trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. All products must have standards or other necessary permits.
  • The sound and promotional system of the booth shall be confined to the internal booth space.
  • Corridors and aisles of halls must not be blocked by exhibitors under any circumstances and any kind of activity that leads to traffic congestion in corridors should be eschewed.
  • The presence of booth representatives half an hour before and after visiting hours at the booth is mandatory.
  • The exhibitors bear full responsibility for the protection of the delivered goods since the delivery of the booth to complete move-out. However, beyond these hours, the exhibition security shall be in charge of preserving existing goods.
  • The exhibitors, since the opening until the closing ceremony of the exhibition, should refuse from move-out or closing of their booth. At the end of exhibition, exhibitors shall be required to settle their account and obtain written permit to move their goods out of exhibition and hand down the stands. Failure to transfer goods at the deadline results in a fine equal to 10% of the total booth charge per day and exhibition shall bear no responsible for safeguarding the goods.
  • The move-out shall start in the morning following the exhibition closure and it shall last for 48 hours.




  • Advertising (photos, posters, professional recording or filming, etc.) shall be in conformity with rules and regulations and solely by advertising companies under contract to the exhibition, as would be declared to the exhibitors.
  • No one shall be permitted to film or record meetings, seminars and events organized in the exhibition without obtaining written consent from the exhibition executives.
  • All billboards shall be installed without a stand. No panel or banner shall be suspended from the ceiling  or  mounted  on  beams  without  obtaining  written  permission  from  exhibition executives.
  • Complimentary gifts, magazines, goods and memorabilia shall only be distributed within the booth perimeter.
  • Exhibitors shall not place their printed goods or items in the registration area, lounge, conference rooms or other section of the Exhibition Center.
  • Distribution and installment of any promotional labels, banners, lottery, etc. shall be subject to certain terms and conditions and necessary permissions should be obtained from the Department of Public Relations and Information Center.




  • Exhibitors shall not be allowed to sell products that are delivered to the exhibition.
  • Retailing in the exhibition counter shall be prohibited.
  • Exchanging money in the exhibition halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Selling sample goods is prohibited. (Only gifts and complimentary items are allowed.)
  • Distribution of samples and other items that may obstruct the corridors and disturb adjacent exhibitors shall be prohibited and exhibitors are required to terminate the activity immediately.


Other terms and conditions


  • If exhibitors intend to bring heavy and bulky machinery or devices with a power consumption of more than 3 KW to the exhibition, the notice shall be submitted 20 days prior to the opening of the exhibition. Obviously, the exhibitors shall be responsible for taking the necessary precautions to prevent any potential damage caused by transportation, installation or operation of the industrial machinery.
  • The exhibitors are required to insure their goods against fire, theft, emergency accidents and events of that ilk.
  • The exhibitors must insure all of their employees against accidents that may occur in construction and design of the booth during stall preparation, exhibition and move-out (a minimum of 50 million Rials) and exhibition shall bear no responsibility in this regard.
  • The use of flammable products and materials shall be prohibited.
  • The exhibitors shall remove all boxes and packing materials, wrapping paper and straws from the exhibition hall and the said items should not be kept under the table or behind the booth.
  • All decorative fabrics such as ribbons, linen and velvet should be fire-proofed in conformity with fire department regulations.
  • Screens installed in the booth should not cover the floor.
  • All flammable materials and liquids should be stored in protective containers.
  • Using oxygen tanks and open flame without obtaining permission from the exhibition and the fire department shall not be allowed.
  • All fire exits and emergency exit signs should be legible and free of obstacles at all times.
  • Electrical equipment and wiring must be used in accordance with the standards and the safety rules.
  • Any machinery, equipment and devices that have moving parts shall be fixed appropriately to avoid any potential harm to visitors, structures and other facilities.
  • Certificate of insurance must be available and, if necessary, submitted to the exhibition executive.